When is it a good time to upgrade your electrical service?


First ask yourself, when was the home you're living in or remodeling built? Older homes typically run lower-amperage panels. When these homes were built things like central air, modern appliances, and todays electronics weren't in mind.

Another problem we run into with older homes are the type of panels installed between the 50's and 80's, Federal Pacific & Zinsco Panels, which were deemed unsafe, as they do not meet safety standards. Even some newer homes today use these panels when un-ethical contractors cut corners and install them anyway to save on cost. If your home has one of these brands feeding electric to the rest of your house, contact your local electrician to have that replaced sooner than later.

Be sure to ask if they're a licensed electrician, bonded, and insured. If you're in our service area (St. Charles, Warren, and Lincoln County), Call First Choice Electric, to schedule your free estimate. 


3-Phase Panel

This type of panel is typically used in commercial buildings, or homes that were formerly commercial buildings. this is where your circuits are fed from. The service line comes into your building structure, directly into this panel. Breakers are added per circuit ran in your building. A larger panel & service provide more options for your individual needs.


A home provided power through an old fuse box or even some breaker panels reach max load capacity running on a 60- to 100-amp unit/ service. Any licensed electrician would tell you this is not ideal, and here at First Choice Electric, we reccomend upgrading when it's necessary. So how do you know when its necessary? Well if you're in the St. Charles County, Warren County, or Lincoln County, Missouri area, we would reccomend contacting your electrical providers Ameren UE, or Cuivre River Electric Cooperative. They will be able to tell you if the supply line to the home needs an upgrade to support the added power.


Watthour Meter

This is a modern technology that can monitor the home's electrical energy consumption.


Costs are varied per home, and as your local electrician, we provide free estimates. This gives you a better idea of whats needed to budget your project. Typically an electrical service upgrade costs between $1,300 and $3,000 for a new 200-amp panel, labor, and material involved to complete the upgrade. Contact Us today to schedule your free estimate!